Atomic Zombie LongRanger electric bike

Sure its ugly as hell, but depending on which components you use to make it, you'll be able to go about 62.5 miles more or less. If you'll notice, I said depending on which components YOU use to make it, as all that Atomic Zombie does is sell the instructions to make your own.

The best part about buying the plans and then making it yourself is that you can use the parts of the plans that you couldn't figure out on your own (likely the electronics) and then you can make most of the rest of the bike however you want. Apparently within the instructions they give you tips on battery selection and hub motor selection allowing you to customize top speed, acceleration, and maximum distance.

So, I reckon if you didn't want to stack 3 batteries on top of each other and then straddle that, then you could probably cut it down to 1 and just go a third of the distance, a respectable 20 miles, which should be sufficient for a ride to and from work or school. I like the idea, and if I wasn't so lazy, and it wasn't so cold, I'd be dolling out the $15 bucks for plans and however much the parts cost.

LongRanger Electric Bike Won't Win Any Beauty Contests, But It'll Get You There [via gizmodo]