Atlus PSP games get price drop on PSN

Mark Raby - Mar 28, 2012, 8:42pm CDT
Atlus PSP games get price drop on PSN

Atlus, the publisher best known for its quirky and perhaps even too-far-off-the-wall role-playing games, has announced that it is decreasing the prices of all its downloadable PSP games that are currently available on the PlayStation Store. The discounts range from $5 to $20 off what the previous prices were, with many titles getting 50% discounts or more. The company is calling it the “ReVITAlized” sales event, encouraging sales of the PSP classics on Sony’s new Vita handheld system.

Only a handful of downloadable PSP games have made their way to the new system, but Atlus is one of the rare publishers with a full stock of titles available. The price drops are also effective for PSP owners who connect to the PlayStation Store from that system. Amid the biggest sales are the three Persona titles, which used to each be $40 and are now between $20 and $30. Other titles include Riviera: The Promised land, discounted from $15 to $10, Yggdra Union from $15 to $10, and Knights in the Nightmare going from $30 to $15.

In total, 10 games are included in the promotion. Whether you’re a PSP system owner who has watched Atlus RPGs from afar, your eyes glued to your pervy game-watching binoculars but your wallet unable to open itself for the cause… Or perhaps you like to spend your evenings making sexy time with the two nubs on your new PS Vita… Now you can dive into a library of critically acclaimed Atlus PSP games,” the company said in a PlayStation Blog post.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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