Atlona Dual-Link DVI to Mini DisplayPort adapter launches

Arriving top of the "you mean we didn't already have an adapter for that?" list is Atlona's DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter.  The unassuming box sucks up your dual-link DVI input – such as from earlier MacBooks or many existing notebooks on the market – and then squirts it out via the new, compact connector increasingly featuring on high-end displays.

Those displays, like Apple's 24-inch Cinema Display, will otherwise not play nicely with notebooks, unless they have the Mini DisplayPort connector themselves.  While it's straightforward to convert Mini DisplayPort to DVI – Apple themselves sell an adapter, so that current MacBook owners can use their existing Apple Cinema Displays – surprisingly there hasn't been a simple way to convert in the other direction until now.

Best of all it's 1920 x 1200 compatible and preserves EDID and HDCP information so you won't have to worry about copy protection throwing a spanner in the works.  It'll begin shipping on September 29th, priced at $179.

Press Release:

Atlona Technologies sets new innovative heights in the AV market with the DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter for Nearly Every Mac available.

Atlona Technologies reaches new heights in the technological world with the DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter allowing the use of new Mini-DisplayPort enabled monitors (such as Apple 24”) on DVI machines

Atlona Technologies has taken the technological world by storm with their latest innovative and unique product, a DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter. The issue at hand was the was many Apple users who purchased their computers before 2009 had been running into a wall when considering purchasing an Apple Cinema 24” or any of the new Mini DisplayPort monitors being released this year and next. Mac forums all over the internet have been a buzz with users trying to verify if DVI was compatible with Mini DisplayPort. One by one these users all inevitably come to the same conclusion; Computers using DVI are not compatible with monitors using Mini DisplayPort , making it impossible to use any of the new displays offered by manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, or CinemaView with DVI computers. Going from Mini DisplayPort to DVI is simple, and many products are already on the market allowing this conversion, including Atlona's AT13026, however; there are no products on the market that allow the opposite conversion, until now.

Atlona Technologies has answered the call with the first and only conversion box that will convert DVI to Mini DisplayPort while maintaining the displays optimal resolution and HDCP compatibility. Atlona's new AT-DP200, which starts shipping next week, inputs DVI and outputs Mini DisplayPort signal while passing along all EDID and HDCP information. This device converts while allowing your computer to scale to the optimal resolution offered by your display including 1920 by 1200 or 1280 by 800. Sparing no expense and taking no chances, Atlona made sure The AT-DP200 was put through extensive testing in Apple's compatibility lab, putting it up against every single Apple computer with a DVI port, and every monitor featuring Mini DisplayPort. Atlona Technologies also put this product through PC interoperability testing with all standard DVI video cards. This device will allow use of any Mini Display port product with and DVI graphics card, meaning the new 24" Cinema Displays from Apple can be used by users with legacy Macs.

Atlona Technologies prides itself on manufacturing solutions for almost every conceivable issue that one may face in any AV system, and felt that it was time to overcome this obstacle. "This new product will boost Apple sales for their 24 inch monitors..." says Atlona Product Manager Michael Khain, "where users who purchased before the format change were previously unable to upgrade to the Cinema Display, now with this new converter their market just got that much bigger."

Mac tested and Mac approved, the new AT-DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort falls right in line with the rest of the bleeding edge products designed to keep the AV world connected and will undoubtedly give all Mac users exactly what they have been waiting for. The new AT-DP200 will start shipping next week (Sept. 29th) with an MSRP of S179.00.