Atlas Wristband can track dynamic exercise moves

There's no shortage of fitness trackers out there, but the Atlas Wristband stands out among them for a couple reasons, the first of which is its somewhat unusual design. The display juts outward from the wrist strap, extending beyond the rectangular watch face. Also notable are the features it offers, the most notable of which is its ability to track dynamic exercise moves, such as bench presses and squats, as well as the number of repetitions that take place with each exercise.

The Atlas wearable tracks exercise movements in 3D, and uses machine learning algorithms to tell the differences between various exercises. Over time, the wearable will learn one's movements and become better at identifying what you're up to. This includes number of reps and sets, as well as the exercises themselves, the calories burned, and the wearer's form when performing the exercises.

The wearable, of course, works in conjunction with a mobile app, syncing with Bluetooth and storing data as it arrives. Both Android and iOS is supported. In addition to helping users meet goals, the app will do things like point out muscles that aren't being exercised as often as other muscles, and what exercises the user still needs to do.

There's a Watch Mode for using the wearable as a regular watch, a Coach Mode for workout routines, and a Freestyle Mode for going at it without a preset plan. The watch is water resistant, features a vibration motor for giving alerts, has a 120mAh battery, a 128 x 64 pixels resolution, touch screen, micro USB port, accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, and gyroscope.

VIA: Pocket-lint