Atlantic Technology WA-50 wireless audio makes multi-room wire-free

A wire to your woofer is something best avoided if at all possible, at least that's what Atlantic Technology believes, hence their WA-50 Wireless Audio System. Intended to make subwoofer setup – or indeed multi-room audio installations – more straightforward, the WA-50 can squirt an RCA output wirelessly up to 150 feet (or double that with line of sight) or hook up to your computer and transmit your digital music collection to nearby speakers.

Thanks to three transmission frequencies up to three zones can be supported, and the number of receivers is only limited by your wallet. If you've got an A/V receiver which supports multiple simultaneous outputs, but you've been put off a multi-room setup because of the hassle of stringing cables around, this could be a pretty straightforward way of doing it.

A starter pack with transmitter, receiver, UDB Cable, and RCA input and output cables is available now, priced at $199; additional WA-50 receivers (with the necessary cables) are $89 each.

Press Release:

Atlantic Technology Debuts Wireless Audio Solutions for Subwoofers and Remote Zones

NORWOOD, MA, Jan 25, 2011 — Atlantic Technology, one of America's most respected manufacturers of loudspeakers and custom installation solutions, has introduced its WA-50 Wireless Audio System, which can transmit a full-range stereo signal wirelessly up to 150 feet, or 300 feet line-of-sight, and with no time delay or interference. The WA-50 system can accommodate three zones and eliminates the need for long runs of RCA cable for powered subwoofers or remote amplified speaker systems.

"We think custom installers are really going to appreciate the WA-50 wireless audio system," said Steve Feinstein, Director of Marketing and Product Development, Atlantic Technology. "Installers and end users alike are always looking for a way to eliminate those unsightly long runs of RCA cables. Now they have a quality solution. The WA-50 also has applications for rear surround channels, remote Zones, and outdoor speakers."

The Atlantic Technology WA-50 wireless audio system is incredibly easy to set up and use. Up to three WA-50 transmitters and an unlimited number of receivers can be used in a system. Simply connect the WA-50 transmitter to the desired RCA audio outputs, and the WA-50 receiver to the RCA line inputs of a powered subwoofer or powered speaker system. Both the transmitter and receiver have a three-position switch that assigns each pairing to either Zone 1, Zone 2, or Zone 3.

The WA-50 can also be connected to your PC or Macintosh using a supplied USB cable interface. This allows the WA-50 to transmit music from the computer to your high-end audio system or to a portable audio system by the pool for parties.

The Atlantic Technology WA-50 Wireless Audio System, consisting of a transmitter, receiver, UDB Cable, and RCA input and output cables, is now available for a suggested retail price of $199, with additional WA-50 receivers and output cables available for $89 each.

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