ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT pitted against rival Nvida GeForce 8800GTS

In console gaming you've got three groups of people; those that love the PS2, those that love the Xbox 360 and those that love their Wii. In PC gaming it's a little different. You've got processors and graphics cards. Intel fans, and AMD fans; Nvidia fans and ATI fans. Today we see what happens when we pit one of the new DX10 cards from AMD up against a similar Nvidia card. I'll just warn you, it isn't pretty.

The new ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT 512MB was pitted against a GeForce 8800GTS 640MB and a 320MB version of the same card. Bear in mind that The HD 2900 XT runs around $409, which is almost the same as the 640MB 8800GTS, and the 320MB version will run you around $259.

The similarly-priced 640MB card from Nvidia walked all over the HD 2900 XT in pretty much every test. What's worse is that the 320MB version of the card ended up performing just as well, if not better than the HD 2900 XT. There is a significant price gap between those cards and almost no difference in performance. For the final nail in the coffin, the ATI card actually consumed more power than its rival.

I'm an ATI guy, always have been. I'm still content with my X1950, but I'm really hoping that they step up their game. They already fell way behind in releasing their DX10 cards, and now that they're out, they aren't performing as well as they should.

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