ATI Eyefinity gets tested and a few flaws surface

We heard a while back that ATI had a HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 version coming out that had six DisplayPort outputs. The gamers out there were probably drooling over the thought of gaming across six LCDs. I admit the prospect is very appealing, but I worried about the bezels making the image weird.

The geeks over at PC Pro had ATI drop by, set up an Eyefinity 6 system, and spent some time playing Race Driver: GRID. The gang says that the game looked fantastic and the extra viewable space in the game was very welcome and allowed you to get more peripheral vision in play.

The system had its issues though according to the publication. PC Pro reports that the bezel correction tech in the drivers was an issue in some instances (just as I thought). The bezel correction system simply renders the images and then spans them across the screens. That means you could miss content that is behind the bezels. The system is said to be improved compared to the previous Eyefinity drivers. I'd still like to try it out for myself.