Athens Display, More pixels for your eyes

Imagine working on your desktop with screen as big as 110-inch to 200-inch, sipping your coffee and turning your head to the left and right just to find a desktop icon. It's stock traders and designers dream to have an LCD screen like that. Athens Display Series is the new giant computer LCD screen that gives you all the pixels you need at 19200 X 2400 resolution and sporting 16.7 millions color palette. The monitor is built with aluminum and the panels are upgradeable. No pricing available at this moment yet, so those with thick pockets, get ready to pull some greens for this amazing screen because from the looks of it, it's going to cost you big bucks!Quick Features Outlook and Specifications

110"to 200" Screen Sizes.

Resolutions of up to 19200 x 2400 Pixels.

All-aluminum custom-built construction.

Ultra-widescreen format for simultaneous display of multiple pages, windows, applications, graphics, full-screen video and games.

Ultra-Speed™ Display Technology for breathtaking image quality

Support for 16.7 million saturated colors, for use in all graphics-intensive applications

Enhanced Active-matrix liquid crystal display Technology delivering ultra-sharp text and graphics Hardware anti-aliasing double-depth filtering

Dynamic Phase-Timing Circuitry (DPTC)

ContrastPlus UV-668 filtering

Double anti-glare hard coat

FFR-type CR-Lamps.

Bluetooth connectivity expansion.

R-G-B auto-geometry sensing color correction.

Super-wide viewing angles for maximum visibility and color fidelity.

Lightning-fast pixel response that supports full-motion digital video playback.

Versatile connectivity; one computer for all 3 display panels, or one panel for up to 3 individual computers.

Gigantic workspace, minimal physical footprint

Single or multi-panel compatible operation

Optional TouchScreen functionality

Ultra-high performance air duct and FreeFlow™ cooling architecture.

Exceptional low-power consumption design.

Out-of-the-box setup with optionally bundled Professional Graphics Adapters

Absolutely stunning, sleek design, under 2.5" thin

Product page [via bornrich]