Atari Touch Tablet for the outdated artist in all of us

Some of us oldies may have a hard time adapting to the new advances in technology. Those of us who are holding onto old devices with a death grip wont necessarily have to let to in order to be with the times, we all just need a little upgrade.

Take the Atari for instance, what is one that the world these days seems to need in just about every device? A touchscreen, that's why the Atari Touch Tablet has been created. The Atari Light Pen package Coupled with the new Atari Artist software users can manipulate the size, color and shape of the lines displayed. The Atari Artist software comes in two different versions, a four color version for users with 16k RAM and a 16 color version for those with 24K powerhouse workstations.

Now users can create beautiful graphics without all the complex overbearing controls and effects. The Atari Touch Tablet will cost you a very modern price of $89.85 with the Atari Light Pen running you $99.95. If you get bored after five or ten minutes don't come complaining to us.