Asylum Playing Cards sued: a crowdfunding game-changer

The Washington State Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Asylum Playing Cards' crowdfunding project, which reportedly failed to live up to its promises. This marks the first action of this sort, and could kick off a set of legal actions against companies and individuals who fail to deliver.

The lawsuit was filed by the state's AG against the company Altius Management and Edward J. "Nash" Polchlepek III over the campaign they ran back in 2012 on Kickstarter. In exchange for their pledges, the contributors were supposed to be given Asylum Playing Cards and other incentives.

According to the Washington Attorney General's Office, the folks behind the campaign never delivered the goods to its backers despite taking the money. For this reason, a lawsuit was filed that seeks restitution for all backers, as well as payment of the state's legal costs and up to $2,000 for every CPA violation.

Said Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, "Consumers need to be aware that crowdfunding is not without risk. This lawsuit sends a clear message to people seeking the public's money: Washington state will not tolerate crowdfunding theft. The Attorney General's Office will hold those accountable who don't play by the rules."

SOURCE: Washington State Attorney General