Asustek pushing out new touch-screen Eee PC’s soon

James Allan Brady - Mar 26, 2008

Word is that Asus’s new Eee’s might have touchscreens, GPS, and possibly even 3G along with their enlarged 8.9” screens. Even better yet they could be shipping as soon as May or June.

They expect the price of those units to hit around $500. At the same time though they plan on releasing the E-DT or Eee Desktop PC priced at $200 sans monitor I’m sure.

They play on shipping 5 million Eee computers this year via a combination of retail sales and contract orders, likely for business, government, and/or educational contracts. There is a 70% worldwide shortage of the units so they’ll have to sort that out if they expect to hit such a high mark.

Part of that issue is apparently that they lost one of their battery manufacturers due to a fire in the plant. The new Eee will likely have 1GB of RAM, and 8-12GB of flash storage capacity.

[via Digitimes]

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