Asustek Android smartphone set to hit in Q4 2009

For a while, everyone was jumping into the netbook market. There are still new firms offering up netbooks all the time, but many companies are also now jumping into the smartphone market as well. The OS of choice is Android and the latest company to announced an Android phone is on the way is Asustek.

Asus' chairman Jonney Shih and president and CEO Jerry Shen announced that the firm would be bringing its Android smartphone to market this year. The device is set to hit in Q4 2009, but whether or not it will make it in time for the lucrative holiday shopping season is unknown. The pair offered no specs or hints about the Android device.

The two executives did speak a bit about what they expect for the holiday shopping season with notebooks and netbooks though. DigiTimes reports that Shih expects notebook demand for Q4 2009 to be high with the launch of Windows 7 and the new Intel Capella notebook platform. Shin believes that moving into 2010 the demand for netbooks won't be as strong as it has been. This is perhaps due to the economy picking up and more consumers looking to buy powerful notebooks rather than netbook machines.