ASUS ZenWatch revealed in video, not so curved after all

Nate Swanner - Aug 27, 2014
ASUS ZenWatch revealed in video, not so curved after all

Yesterday, ASUS teased some sketches of their new smartwatch. At the time, all we had were those designer renders to go from in examining their entry into the wearables market. Now, the company has posted a teaser video to get everyone excited ahead of their IFA announcement for their new offering.

Called the ZenWatch, this first wearable from ASUS was originally thought to be contoured, base on renderings. Those sketches showed a mildly curved chassis that would conform to your wrist. As you see in the video below, that impressive curvature seems to have disappeared.

The rounded edges we saw yesterday are present, but the overall shape looks much more subdued and plain. We’re also wondering about overall size for this device, and whether or not the screen glass itself will have some bezel. Originally, we posited ASUS may just cut the corners from the screen in Android Wear apps. A snippet of the video looks as though there could be some glass bezel in addition to the metal frame, though.

The video is below, so check it out. With smartwatches blowing all the way up, we can expect everyone to fall in line and submit their offerings to you. ASUS’ smartwatch doesn’t look to be a radical departure from what we’re seeing, but if they can figure out distribution and pricing — it might end up on more wrists than you’d think.

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