ASUS working on Android Eee PC netbook confirms exec

ASUS currently has a team of engineers working on Android-based netbooks, according to Eee PC team leader Samson Hu.  However, despite the investment in development, the decision to release an Eee PC running the Google open-source OS has not been made.

Hu gave no specific details about the team and their exact intent, but it seems likely that ASUS are viewing Android as a cross-device platform to replace the existing Linux OS.  ASUS have already committed to producing an Android-based smartphone, which we're expecting to see sometime in 2009, and according to company executive Jonney Shih the handset would be able to act as a remote control for multiple ASUS products.

Google have been open about their intent to not only position Android as a smartphone platform but also as one for ultraportable devices, set-top boxes and other consumer electronics.  Recently, an unnamed Android team member disclosed that Intel are heavily promoting Android-based netbooks, and that Chinese firms are particularly keen to embrace the open-source OS.

[via Laptoping]