ASUS Waveface concept video demo

It wouldn't be an ASUS event without some unlikely-to-launch concept products, and at CES 2010 the company were pushing for ubiquitous connectivity with an integrated, wearable "Waveface" system.  Three core parts make up Waveface: a wrist-mounted smartphone, a lightweight portable touchscreen tablet and a connected HDTV, all hooked up via every futurologist's favorite buzzword, the cloud.

Video demo after the cut

The company reckons Waveface will be able to deliver you all the information you need at the appropriate time, rather than in one long rush, meaning users aren't overwhelmed by data while on the move.  Since everything would be wirelessly connected, you could use whatever interface and display was most convenient at the time: at home the big-screen TV would show full details, while on the move the wrist-mounted computer would update with pared-down at-a-glance info.

ASUS are suggesting that the Waveface system could see real-world implementations in the next five years, though we doubt it will look anything like what they're showing in this demo video.  Still, we wouldn't argue with more intelligently handled updates; as we've said before about mobile social networking, right now the firehose desktop model simply isn't cutting it when on the move.

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