ASUS VENTO TA-F Foldable Chassis is shipped flat-packed

For those that like to put together computers on their own, they might be pleased to hear about the newest PC cases from ASUS. The ASUS VENTO TA-F Foldable Chassis is shipped economically, saving you significantly on shipping costs.

While the biggest attraction here is the fact that this case is shipped in flat packaging, another benefit is that the chassis itself is foldable and is easy to store until you're set to put it to use. It's also pretty easy to put together and utilizes a maximized airflow system, making it the ideal case for the standard computer. And the tools-free part is pretty cool, too.

There are two color options to choose from including the TA-F21, which is silver, and the TA-F11, which is black.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]