ASUS teases something "incredible" in new video

ASUS is teasing something "incredible", but offer little in the way of an actual look at what the device is. Their teaser video, which you can see below, also shows off some low-tech stuff, at least until the end. With Computex around the corner, it seems the Taiwanese company may have something small up their sleeves.

Their tagline of "the next incredible thing" is familiar. It seems to be pinched from Samsung, who like to point out they've got the next "big" thing in store for us. That tagline has been mimicked and borrowed now and then, so it's not a shock to see ASUS pinch it.

What the video shows is a pen, writing the tagline out — and that's about it. There are some clever CGI effects at the end, but nothing revealing. The video may suggest ASUS has an advanced stylus on the way, though. The snappy graphics toward the end suggest some sort of writing identification, so maybe ASUS has a stylus/pen that can detect your handwriting on paper and convert it to digital.

Of course, it's all speculative. ASUS is clearly unveiling something they feel is "incredible", so we'll just have to wait and see what comes of it.

Source: ASUS