ASUS teases new Transformers for Computex debut

ASUS loves a good teaser, and its Computex 2012 promo is a fine example of the breed: ominous voice, vague mention of the cloud, and a hint of a new Transformer dockable tablet. "Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own" the video – which you can see after the cut – suggests, in what's almost certainly a reference to ASUS' recent drive for tablets that can be slotted into battery-toting keyboards, and phones that dock into slates.

Of course, ASUS couldn't let a teaser go by without a mention of everyone's favorite buzzword of the moment: the cloud. "The shape of the cloud is ever-changing, beyond time and boundaries" the video continues, presumably ahead of ASUS making more of a push to link together its various devices using web-based backup and streaming.

It's the final frames that give away the most, however. "Join us as we introduce the truly incredible Next Transformations" suggests ASUS has a fresh range of Transformers to show, and we'll be curious to see if the company has stuck with Android or is planning ahead with Windows 8 models for later in 2012.

SlashGear will be headed over to Computex 2012 in early June, when we'll have all the details of what ASUS brings new to the show.

[Thanks Sal!]