Asus teases new dual rear cameras smartphone in ten-second video

Teaser videos are a good thing and a bad thing. They are good because we get a glimpse of a new product before the maker is ready to toss them completely into the limelight. Teaser videos are bad because many of us find them very annoying, if you want us to know about the product, just show us. Asus has a new teaser video that it has put on Facebook.

The teaser is very short spanning only ten seconds. During that ten seconds we see a bar style smartphone that looks a bit like an early iPhone appear on the screen. After that device appears very fast flashes of other parts of the phone hit the screen.

It appears in one of the flashes that the smartphone might have dual rear camera lenses. The device will have some sort of fancy rear camera for sure. Asus tagged the video with Zenfone and CES2015.

That would indicate that it is a new smartphone and that we only have to wait until early January to see what Asus has up its sleeve. CES kicks off in weeks and there will be more new gadgets than you can shake a stick at unveiled at the show. Hit the Facebook link below to see the video.

SOURCE: Facebook