Asus Set To Start Shipping WAVI Xtion Motion Sensing Device For PC In October

The Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 has found itself being used for all sorts of things outside of gaming on the Xbox 360 console. That has led other firms to try to get in on the motion control action using their own motion control systems and so far no one has managed to be successful. Asus is trying its hand at motion control for the PC with the WAVI Xtion that was first shown off back in January.

Asus is now looking at launching the Wavi device for computers in October according to a report. Asus hopes to ship 100,000 of the devices in October according to Kent Chien, GM of multimedia business at Asus. The Asus system includes a wireless receiver dubbed WAVI that Asus created and a body sensing device. That body sensor is called the Xtion Pro and is based on a chip developed by PrimeSense.

The first target market for the sensors will be China where the import of gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 is banned. That means the Kinect isn't offered in China. The WAVI Xtion is supposed to sell for the equivalent of $250 to $300, which seems high for China. Asus has an alliance with a software developer called Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop software for the sensor.

[via DigiTimes]