ASUS S101 luxury Eee PC unboxed

The ASUS S101 is, despite being neither budget netbook nor all-capable ultraportable notebook, a source of constant obsession to many, and the company have now made it easier to see [via] whether you'll be able to actually buy one or merely admire from afar.  At the moment it's all very Europe and Asia weighted, so to tide you over UMPC Fever have a full set of S101 unboxing photos.

We already know that ASUS are positioning the S101 as their "luxury" netbook, and the design and build quality would seem to support that, but it's good to see that the packaging keeps up its side of the bargain too.  A solid, classy box with silver foil printing, a proper leather & suede slip-case (which seemingly answers the question as to whether the S101 is actually an Eee PC or not, as it's been embossed on the edge!) and a separate pouch for the AC adapter.

The ASUS S101 is always going to be a niche item, but that's probably in its favor really; see too many people carrying them and it might damage the exclusivity of yours.  More photos at the UMPC Fever link above.