ASUS rolls out Zenfone 2, enhanced camera experience

During their CES announcement, ASUS laid out the details on their incoming Zenfone 2. The ZenFone is pretty impressive at first blush, too, boasting a high screen-to-body ratio, meaning more to look at and less to hold. They've also got an improved camera on the new Zenfone, and some new technology that could have oyur pics looking better and brighter than ever. It's also 64-bit, but not carrying a Snapdragon processor. ASUS went with an Intel Atom processor for the Zenfone 2.

That Atom processor is a Z3580, which ASUS says is about 3-times as fast as some other quad-core competitors they weren't naming. They also said GPU performance with the Intel chipset is about 8-times faster, and supports OpenGL.

ASUS gave the Atom room to run, too, packing up to 4GB RAM in the Zenfone 2.

To enhance the experience, ASUS says the phone will have zero lag on touch input, so what you ask it to do it does, straight away.

ASUS is keeping their ZenUI around, but adding "ZenMotion" to it. That feature will allow you to access apps via gestures. You might write a letter on the screen to quickly access an app, say "P" for your photo gallery.

Another borrowed feature is the seperation of personal and enterprise accounts, where a partition is in place on the phone. This will be popular with the BYOD crowd.

The 13MP camera has what ASUS calls PixelMaster technology, which is an advanced method for backlighting pictures. On display, the tech looks the part, but we'll wait for real-world testing before calling it a software triumph. ASUS is bagging the PixelMaster tech will make your low-light shots up to 400% brighter, automatically.

We've not yet heard what the full retail cost is, but ASUS is bringing it to you for $200, subsidized. If you're interested, look for the Zenfone 2 in March of this year.