ASUS ROG Phone 2 Android 10 Beta starts now

The ROG Phone and its current successor the ROG Phone 2 arguably represent the spirit of PC gaming transferred to mobile with their looks, specs, and accessories. They are also arguably the most expensive of the current generation of gaming smartphones and may also be burdened by ASUS' track record when it comes to Android updates. ASUS seems to be turning over a new leaf when it started the beta program for the ZenFone 6 last week. And exactly as many hoped, the ROG Phone 2's turn has come.

The ROG Phone 2 is definitely a significant update over the first-gen ASUS gaming phone even if the company didn't make as big a noise about it, especially when it came to the accessories. It jumped from a Snapdragon 845 to an 855+ and not only made the screen larger and more pixel-dense but also granted it that smooth 120 Hz refresh rate. It, of course, boasted of the same gaming-specific features like AirTriggers, advanced cooling, and a second USB-C port at the side.

Now it can also boast of one more thing: being one of the still few phones to get Android 10 first. It's not rolling out yet, mind, but ASUS has started the sign-up process for getting into the Android 10 Beta Program. There are, however, a few caveats to consider before you even try to fall in line.

The beta testing group is small and you have to meet a number of requirements, including being an active member of the ZenTalk forums. There is a questionnaire to fill up that some have found to be a bit too much. Needless to say, participants will also be required to provide feedback about their experiences with the beta firmware, both the good and especially the bad.

ASUS has not put a date on when applications will be closed, much less when Android 10 will roll out in full to both the ZenFone 6 and the ROG Phone 2. Given the company's history, though, any sign of activity on that end is a positive one and, hopefully, ASUS is really on a roll to support the phones and loyal customers it has.