ASUS pico-projector laptop prototype

Leaving it tucked in among the various models of Eee, ASUS has also brought this full-sized notebook prototype to Computex.  While at first glance it seems to be notable for its impressively deep forehead, the reason for the blocky brow is a built-in pico projector that can be used for impromptu presentations.  The projector unit swivels to fold flat with the notebook screen for transport.

Under the bright lights of the show floor the picture isn't all that impressive, but then you're never going to get a high-definition image from one of these super-portable projectors.  What it would be handy for is an impromptu meeting, someone who travels a lot and uses multiple presentation facilities and who wants to avoid lengthy set-up struggles.  A sales rep, for instance.

There has to be a better way to integrate it - a folded optics system, such as used in compact digital cameras that have internal zoom lenses, perhaps? – to avoid the top-heavy look and extra bulk, but I can imagine there are plenty of users eyeing this up enthusiastically.  Very little detail from ASUS, whose PR people were riding the Eee wave, but this is likely to be a proof-of-concept rather than a model intended for actual release. 

[via Gizmodo]