ASUS now more reliable than Apple, says study

Has Apple lost some of its world-renowned reliability? That's what a new study from RESCUECOM is saying. In fact, this new study shows that ASUS topped the charts this time around–not the Cupertino favorite.

RESCUECOM is a support company and they just released their quarterly analysis. This study shows support cases taken at their call centers for each type of computer. Then, those numbers are matched up with the total number of computers shipped from each manufacturer.

Just last year, Apple was deemed the most reliable computer manufacturer, but the first few months of 2009 have proven differently. Apple received a score of 324 while ASUS received a super high 972. So, does this mean ASUS makes unbelievably reliable computers? Maybe, but most likely not. This probably has more to do with the fact that the ASUS Eee netbook surged in popularity at the end of last year and the beginning of this one. RESCUECOM believes the high score will lower a bit over time as there are actually used versions of the ASUS computers on the market.

[via Electronista]