ASUS gets Android Ice Cream Sandwich how-to

Consumers who have an ASUS netbook, rejoice. Developers have managed to create the latest version of Android so that ASUS Eee PC customers will be able to run the latest Google operating system on their device. The initiative is not endored by ASUS or Google, but it seems to work pretty well. At least, that's the word on the street from the Android-x86 project.

Official Ice Cream Sandwich updates have been spotty at best. Late last year, the Nexus S smartphone was given the first shot at an ICS upgrade. Shortly after that process began, it was pulled because numerous customers reported their phones freezing or crashing after downloading the update. A similar phenomenon happened for ASUS Transformer Prime customers.

But customers who have an ASUS netbook are realizing that they may be able to run the latest software without issue, even though it's an unofficial release. The download is available on the Android-x86 website, and developers recommend that users backup their content first. Nevertheless, Ice Cream Sandwich is a major update, and even if it's through unofficial channels, Android fans should appreciate the opportunity to upgrade.

[via ASUS CampusLife]