Asus finally launches Eee Pad Slider

Back in August, the official page for the Eee Pad Slider went live on the Asus website. Today Asus has announced the official launch date for the tablet will be October 24. This little tablet has a 10-inch screen and a keyboard that slides out for under the screen for faster typing. The tablet will come in 32GB and 16GB versions.

In the UK, the tablet will sell for £429.99 SRP with 16GB and the 32GB version will sell for £479.99 SRP. The tablets will come in brown or white color and all share the same specs other than the amount of storage. The screen is 10.1-inches and has a resolution of 1280 x 800. All of the tablets use eMMC storage in either 16GB or 32GB capacity and all have 1GB of memory.

The Slider sports a mini HDMI output, a USB port, and a microSD card reader. The tablets also all have Bluetooth and WiFi integrated. The battery life is promises to be eight hours per charge. The front camera is a 1.25MP unit with a 5MP rear camera. The Slider also supports flash 10.1. The processor is a Tegra 2 dual core and the OS is Android 3.1, upgradable to 3.2.