ASUS ET2400 Line-Up of All-in-One-PCs Announced, Seven New Models in All

As far as product announcements go, there's no better way for a company to make an imapact than to announce a whole bunch of new things, all at once. That's the mind state for ASUS today, anyway, as the company has just announced that seven brand new all-in-one-PCs will be hitting the market some time in the near future. While they announce plenty about the PCs themselves, there's still a couple of very important things missing from the announcement.

All of the new PCs feature the same internals, for the most part. They can be switched around based on your preferences, of course. But you get the idea. At the top of the list, though, is the ET2400XVT, which features a 1.73GHz quad core Intel Core i7 CPU. It also has a 120Hz 3D panel. The processors are where the main differences lie, though. They range from dual-core Pentium and AMD Athlon II X2 systems, all the way up to Intel Core i3 and i5 CPUs. Storage capacities come in 7,200RPM 320GB, 500GB, or 1TB models, while all models share 2GB of RAM.

Each model also has support for Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0, and have dual-layer DVD drives. We're sure plenty of folks out there would have preferred Blu-ray, especially in the ET2400XVT, so you should be happy in knowing that you can add it, as an extra option. You can also choose TV Tuners, HDMI outputs, and on the ET2400XVT you can even get NVIDIA's 3D Vision. Unfortunately, those couple of things we said were missing? Yeah, price and release date. We wouldn't be surprised to hear that the majority of these systems went pretty cheap, but that XVT will probably cost a couple of dollars with all of the extra thrown in.

[via Electronista]