Asus Eee X101H and X101 netbooks get priced and launch dates

A lot of the talk we have had about Asus lately has been about the tablets that the company is offering that are among the more interesting Android offerings out there. The Eee Pad Transformer is a good example of one of the most talked about Asus products recently. Asus isn't leaving the netbook market behind and back at Computex 2011 Asus was showing off a couple new netbooks including the X101H and the X101.

Both of the new netbooks run the same Intel Atom N435 processor. The difference comes in the operating system that the machines use. The X101 will run the MeeGo OS while the X101H will run Windows 7. Unless the MeeGo netbook is much cheaper I don't see it doing that well honestly. Both netbooks pack in a 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. They also both have SSDs for storage and a 6-cell battery powers both machines.

The X101 netbook will reportedly land in July starting at $199. The X101H will also land in July and will sell for somewhere in the $310 to $350 range. That MeeGo machine is very cheap. It's not mentioned but I suspect to hit that low price some specs will be different on the MeeGo netbook with less RAM and storage than the Windows unit. What do you think; does a MeeGo netbook at $199 sound like something you would buy?

[via Notebookitalia]