ASUS Eee Stick Announcement Conveniently Forgets Wiimote

Someone really needs to schedule the people at ASUS some off-duty time, as they've obviously missed a great deal in the electronic entertainment world while distracted by all those Eees.  The company has officially announced their new Eee Stick wireless controllers, and in a moment of bizarrely blinkered hyperbole have described them as a "First-of-its-kind Wireless Controller".

Now color me sceptical, but I've a strong feeling that Nintendo might have something to say about that.  I suppose ASUS' argument would be that the Wiimote is a Wii-specific controller, not a PC controller, but that's a scant differentiation for such a sweeping claim.

As for the Eee Sticks themselves, they recognise full 3D motion (which responds to and reproduces movement along all axes as well as wrist rotations) or can be locked into responding to pointing motions or tilting, depending on gameplay.  They connect as a HID (Human Interface Device) so will work with any PC, but ASUS will be bundling specific games with them to take advantage of the "new" interface.

No specific availability dates or prices, but the Eee Stick package will be bundled with certain Eee PCs and the Eee Box desktop PC.