Asus Eee PC Price and Availability

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 17, 2007

Eeeuser member zorroman2008 shared pricing and release dates of the Eee PC for the US. If the information is correct, two of the three models should hit state side in late September. The first model features 7-inch display, 2GB of storage, 4 or 6-cell battery, 512 MB of memory and integrate Wi-Fi will go for $269-$299. The more expensive model priced at $369-$399 will have 4GB of memory.

You can pick from any colors you want as long as it’s white or black. The 4-cell battery provides up to 4 hours of runtime while the 5-cell delivers up to 5 hours.

The third model priced at $200 will not be available in North America. [Thanks John Rodriguez]

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