ASUS Eee PC most wanted gift this holiday season

James Allan Brady - Nov 23, 2007, 1:42 pm CST

According to C-Net and the sales from Amazon, the ASUS Eee is the must have gadget of the year. Not the iPod Touch, not the iPhone, the Asus Eee.

In fact, its pretty much sold out everywhere you go. Even school corporations are buying them for use in the classroom, which they are perfect for, they don’t have hardware that’s powerful enough to allow the teachers or the students to FUBAR things, but they have just enough hardware for it to act a lot like a portable thin client if you wanted.

They are small, compact, cheap, and easy to replace, so they really are the perfect solution for any environment where you’ll be letting others use the machines. As long as the person has a cursory knowledge of computers they shouldn’t have an issue with the uber simplistic OS either. So, good luck finding one if that is what you seek this holiday season.

ASUS Eee PC billed as America’s most wanted Christmas gift! [via fareastgizmos]

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