Asus Eee PC 8.9-inch model - upgrades are abound

Some of the things on that list are obviously the larger screen, but there is also the option of hard drives, an upgrade to up to 12GB of flash storage (still means my iPod Touch bests the Eee in storage and almost processing power), and they are getting an Intel upgrade to their Diamondville platform. They are also going to be cranking out some more colors and some more stylish appearances.

You'll be able to get up to a 20GB SSD drive in your Eee soon. You could also be looking forward to a potential WiMAX and/or HSDPA upgrade for the Eee.

In the interview on laptopmag, they pointed out some other interesting information, for example the new Eee will be dropping around April and will cost $499. Asus is also considering TV tuners and online web storage packaged with your Eee as well as VoIP and Skype phones, they also made mention that they are going to continue with the brick-less charging system and that they are actually looking to implement a smaller, faster charging unit soon with their goal being an 8 hour battery life when in use. All I know is Asus took a different approach to both the market and design side of things and its been a huge success and that trend is only looking to grow regardless of competitors like Everex, Acer, or HP.

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