ASUS Eee coming in different colors in January

In January of 08 we will see the Asus Eee 2g Surf edition in 4 new colors, there will be a total of 5 colors to choose from, the standard white, then 3 pastel colors (a pink, blue, and green, but pastel) and black. They will sell for $299 with the Linux OS installed.

I have already expressed my discontent with this product, and that might change once I get one in my hands, but I suppose at $299 it's a respectable solution, but by my math, it looks like come next year, Everex will be offering sub-$300 laptops too, and they will probably be a bit more bang for your buck than the Asus Eee. Regardless, if you like the little Eee you'll have color choices provided you are willing to wait.

So you can pick from the standard white and black or go with a spring-time inspired pastel color. Personally, I am avoiding that little computer like the plague, but if they ever make it to a B&M store I might stop by and check it out.

Asus' 2G Surf Eee PC: a taste of Spring in January [via engadget]