Asus Eee 30GB USB Hard Drive is 1.8-Inches, Only $30

When it comes to external hard drives, you don't want something that's as big as your keyboard sitting on your desk, next to your monitor. The whole idea is to have something compact, but that's perfectly capable of holding all of your necessary data. And, when it comes to the new Asus Eee 30GB hard drive, you'll have to keep it limited to the bare essentials.

Asus' Eee line-up of devices was taking a strong surge not too long ago, and it seemed that the manufacturer would be putting the Eee name on everything they could. You know, like the Eee keyboard. But, while it's slowed down for now, that doesn't mean that there's still not a few more devices somewhere in the pipe, ready to be released, that won't have the same branding. That's where this little USB hard drive comes in.

Probably the most noteworthy aspect of this little storage device is how small it is. At only 1.8-inches, you'll probably barely notice it's sitting on your desk. Of course, you'll have to really think about that $30, considering you're only getting 30GB of extra space. Right now, the new USB hard drive is only available in Taiwan, and Asus hasn't said anything about it getting released anywhere else.

[via Liliputing]