Asus debuts speedy and cool looking BW-12D1S-U external Blu-ray writer

Asus is well known in the geek world with offerings ranging from computers to tablets and video cards among other things. The company also has a line of accessories and external gear that plugs into the USB port on a computer to add functionality. The latest product for the USB port from Asus is the new BW-12D1S-U external Blu-ray writer and player.

The little external optical drive is blazing fast with 12x speed and connects to your rig via USB 3.0 making it one of the highest performing Blu-ray drives around. The burner uses OTS technology inside and comes with Magic Cinema technology.

That Magic Cinema tech allows the drive to play 3D Blu-ray movies and convert 2D to 3D content. The drive also has a cool design that is black and has diamond facets to it. The gadget has Dolby Digital EX and DTS-HD surround sound support and lots more. Pricing and availability are unknown at this time.