Asus can only build 10K Eee Pad Transformer tablets per month

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet launched late last month with tight supplies. Most of the tablets sold out quickly in the US at the various retailers who sold the Transformer leaving many shoppers empty handed and wondering why Asus didn't just make more. The launch prioritized Europe over the US, but the supply wasn't what Asus wanted to have in Europe either. A source has told Netbooknews why the tablet is in such short supply.

According to the source that spoke to Netbooknews the reason for the shortage of tablets is because Asus can't get the components it needs to ramp production. The source never says exactly what part is hard to get, but the shortage is limiting Asus to making only 10,000 of the Transformer tablets each month. The company wants to be able to make 300,000 Transformer tablets per month. That means if you are in the market, and you find one online or in a store you should grab it up.

The source claims that the bottleneck is expected to be cleared by the middle of June. That is about a month away as of right now. Netbooknews reports that some other sources are claiming there is a shortage of parts needed for touchscreens, but if that is the part lacking at Asus is unknown. Whether or not the shortage of parts is related to the Japanese disaster is unknown.

[via Android Community]