Astro A30 Costs $150 and Connects to All Your Gaming Platforms

A few years ago, the bigger your sound system was, the better your house was. You were the envy of all your friends, neighbors, and relatives. And while that may still be the case in some houses around the world, it's definitely looking like the headphone revolution is still going strong. In this case, we've got a pair of gaming headphones that aren't just for your computer. Oh no, Astro wants to make sure that if you play a game, that you can plug in your expensive, shiny new headphones into whatever it is you're playing it on.

There's definitely other gaming headphones out there, quite a few of them, actually, and many of them have the ability to connect to your PC, and video game console. Astro goes a few steps further though, and allows you to connect while you're on the move. Have an iPhone or iPod Touch? Plug 'em in! Have a PSP? Not a problem! Although, we can't sit here and say that everything is all perfect. Unlike the majority of other gaming headsets out there," the Astro A30 is just designed to be headphones. No microphone, so you can't speak to your gaming buddies over online play. That doesn't mean much for the iPod Touch/iPhone, but we're sure that the majority of people who play online games on their Xbox 360 want to be able to talk to people.

When it's all said and done, these headphones are going to cost you $150. And while we may believe that's a bit too high for these precious headsets, we could be wrong. After all, we haven't had the chance to play with them, and the sound quality of these bad boys could blow us away. We just don't know. Unfortunately, our wallet speaks louder than our words, and right now, it's shaking.

[via Astro]