Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Project Stream testers get free game

It seems that Ubisoft and Google, but particularly Ubisoft, are knee-deep into developing this fancy new streaming tech that they're prepared to spend a few hundred dollars just on beta testers. That's because the game publisher has just revealed that those eager beavers who were able to get into Google's Project Stream beta program will be able to continue their killing spree even when the testing ends with a free PC copy of the game and a few credits to boot.

Most beta testers probably expected the free gravy to stop flowing when the game does next month. After all, while Odyssey itself might have been a game worth playing, it was the experience of playing it right inside a browser that has truly made it unique. Even if Project Stream never sees the light of day again, lucky beta testers would be able to boast that they have experienced the future.

Well, Ubisoft doesn't want to lose such passionate gamers, even if it means losing out on some sales. The company is giving those testers a free PC copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, via UPlay, when the beta program ends on January 15. But wait, there's more! Ubisoft will even throw in 1,000 Helix credits, worth $10 to spend.

And, don't worry, all saves and in-game items will transfer over to the full PC experience. The only thing that won't will be unspent credits. The one requirement Ubisoft has is that the player has tested the game for at least one hour, not 59 minutes, from today until January 15. Considering Project Stream beta signups are still open, now might be a good time to test your luck in getting in. Of course, only US gamers are invited.