Ashley Madison TV show project revealed

Amidst all the news revolving around the Ashley Madison hack is one bizarre report: a TV project based on the hack is in the pipeline. It seems the plan at this point is to shop the show around, and whether any networks will bite is yet to be seen. But regardless, OutEast Entertainment is set to produce a project for television, and there are already two writers in place. While unexpected, the news isn't very surprising.

The Ashley Madison breach has garnered widespread attention; you'd be hard pressed to find someone unaware of what happened, and if ever there's a time to capitalize on the leak (whether it's in poor taste is another matter), it's now. The TV project won't be a direct rehash of what actually took place, however, with it instead being the foundation for a fictionalized story.

The TV show will be produced by Courtney Hazlett and Steven Marrs, and will be written by Ian MacDonald and Jennifer Kennedy. As of now, the project has the tentative title Thank You Ashley Madison. Among the fictionalization will be a tweak to how the website started — rather than being the brainchild of Noel Biderman, the project will have it be the work of a "good mother" who starts it in order to support her family.

Ashley Madison is a so-called infidelity website that marketed at individuals interested in having an affair. Following a data breach, a hacking collective released a large portion of the data, revealing names, proclivities, credit card details, and more, in some cases sending users' lives spiraling. Most recently, John McAfee has claimed that the breach was not performed by the claimed hacking collective, but instead a "lone female operative". Check out the timeline below for more details!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter