Asahi Robocco BeerBot - Your own beer server!

I'm not a lazy person and I'll tell you this, I've always opened a beer bottle using my teeth. However having a robot that store and keep my beer chilled and even serve it to me is pretty cool.

Video after the jump.

Asahi Robocco Beerbot can stores up to six cans of beer in its belly that also function as a refrigerator. Now the cool part starts here, when you dispense a can of beer, the robot will serve it to you by pouring it into a glass mug.

You can buy a used Robocco for $799 with shipping fee of $99 from CScout Japan. It also comes with instructions in English in case you don't read Japanese.

Asahi Robocco BeerBot (Beer pouring robot) available to Buy! [via kilian-nakamura]