As Android Voice Match unlock ends, Google Assistant takes its place

Google began updating their voice match phone unlock system with a more modern Google Assistant assisted system starting this week. This is coming into full effect on devices, now – but was first initiated with the release of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Voice Match was released several years ago as a feature for unlocking smartphones (and as a general part of voice recognition.) This simple system will be updated this year on all Android smartphones.

The update does not get rid of Voice Match on all Android devices altogether. Instead, the system is getting a big update with Google Assistant at the lock screen level. The device will still recognize the voice of the user. The difference is, the phone won't instantly unlock.

Instead of a full unlock, a recognized voice at the lock screen provides the user with several options. They can learn information about any of the following items, all attached to a specific user's personal Google account. This system can also access less user-specific features like a timer or the phone's built-in clock app (to change your alarm in the morning, if you do such a thing.)

Lock Screen Voice Match Google Assistant features and info:

• Alarm Clock

• Appointments

• Contact Information

• Emails from Gmail

• Flight Information (and your ticket QR-code)

• Flight Check-in

• Google Calendar Entries

• Hotel booking

• Memory aids

• Reminders access

• Shopping lists

• Timer

• Traffic Updates

Users will need to opt-in to use this system. Google is promoting this new system as being Assistant in your lockscreen "even without unlocking your phone."

This system should be rolling out to all devices with Android 9.0 Pie or higher in the very near future. Some users – non-Pixel users – have already seen the update on their devices this week. If you've got Pie, but not update, wait a day or two. If you still don't have an update, just wait longer, and cross your fingers harder than you did before.