Artisan creates jewelry from old tech

Over the years, I have seen some interesting things made from old tech products that are no longer useful. I have always particularly liked the geeky clocks and coasters that I have seen made from the old mainboards and circuit boards from inside computers and other gear. Thick and inflexible mainboards and other rigid items don't lend themselves well to shapes other than flat surfaces though. That means that making something like a ring out of a circuit board is very hard to do.

Jewelry designer Paola Mirai has a new line of handmade jewelry that geeks can really appreciate called Cirkuita. The collection uses thin flexible circuit boards such as the ones found inside of keyboards and other gear. The circuit boards are cut down into shapes needed for the design and then put inside a clear material called orotransparente. The finished products can be made into all sorts of shapes from rings to necklaces and more.

I particularly like the thin wedding bands that the designer makes, they look really cool. I wonder if the clear material is flexible somewhat, or if it is prone to shatter. The problem with people like me and rings is that they tend to get banged around a lot. One of the photos in the gallery shows the designer getting the printed boards from inside a keyboard.

[via Design-Milk]