ART will be main runtime on Android “L” release

Nate Swanner - Jun 25, 2014, 12:01 pm CDT
ART will be main runtime on Android “L” release

With Android “L” release, the ART runtime is coming front and center. Google notes their experiment from KitKat will now be the default runtime for Android moving forward. An extension pack aims to build on all the upticks ART offers, too, so your gaming performance is getting a lot better.

ART will offer double the performance of Dalvik, according to Google. Pausing is said to be way down, too. There are no upgrades needed form Developers, either, so all current apps should work just fine. ART is also 64-bit compatible, so it’s ready for what’s next from Android.

An extension pack in Android’s L release is a nice way to take advantage of ART, too. Enhanced graphics are the order of the day, with incredible shading and rendering. Of course, it comes with L, and Google says it’s like “PC gaming graphics in your pocket”.

Google I/O has already brought some surprises, and some great new features incoming. Be sure to check back for all the goings-on at Google I/O from Moscone West in San Francisco!

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