Art Lebedev's Optimus Popularis and Mini Six keyboards ready for pre-order

We haven't heard much from Art Lebedev's design studio since, well, the update on the Optimus Polaris last summer. But the Russia design company know for its innovative usage of LCDs on high-end keyboards has announced today that they're taking pre-orders for both its Optimus Popularis and Optimus mini six keyboards, the former priced at 31,500P, or approximately $1086 USD, and the latter at 10,900P, or around $376 USD. That's the hefty price you pay for a sleek Art Levedev piece, indeed.

Pictured above on the far left is the smaller Optimus mini six, which isn't expected to ship until November. In the middle is the long-awaited Optimus Popularis, which is expected to ship in July. The Optimus Aux on the far right has already been released, and can be purchased along with the other two keyboards. Art Levedev bills the Optimus Popularis as "a compact keyboard with each key displaying any image and being assigned any function.", and the Optimus mini six as an "auxiliary device with six customizable keys that can be assigned any function, including displaying information related or non-related to the current program in use."

Most likely known for the Optimus Maximus keyboard, which goes for close to a weighty $1500 USD, Art Lebedev's studio is certainly one that has pushed the boundaries of interface computing, at a premium price that comes with it, though. SlashGear readers, do any of you own or have used a piece by Art Levedev? Any thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below.

[via Art Levedev]