Art. Lebedev offers battery display mug for your joe

Most geeks are familiar with Art. Lebedev Studio. The company designs some cool gear and concepts from OLED keyboards to that interesting Segmentus clock I mentioned a while back. The design firm has turned its attention to a more mundane product — a new coffee mug.

The mug is has the uninspiring name "Mug with a temperature sensor." Typically products the company makes sound Roman, might I suggest Mugis. The mug is a normal looking black cup with a white battery outline on the front.

When you put a hot liquid into the mug that is over 96.8F a green indicator inside the battery outline starts to show up. The fuller the mug, the more the gauge fills up. The green sensor comes on above 96.8F, but the thing apparently only shows the level in the cup. Once your coffee gets too cold the display will not work at all. This is basically a general temperature indicator and a level meter for your morning joe.