Art installation lets you live out Godzilla fantasies

Gamers of a certain age will remember the almost painful levels of anticipation waiting for Sim City 2000 to be released.  Magazines swooned, players gasped in amazement and I... well, I got confused by all the underground topography and ended up trying to connect subway stations with water piping.  Perhaps I'd be better off with Nirmala Shome's art installation-in-progress, a cardboard model of a city from the iconic game.  When it goes on display in Melbourne's All of the Above gallery at the end of this month, visitors will be able to (daintily) tread the roads, rearrange the buildings and – as was inevitably the best part of the game – by the end of the night reduce the whole thing to rubble.


Klome believes that games are one of the very few outlets remaining for our primative, destructive lusts, and is particularly impressed by the metaphor-for-life that Sim City 2000 represents.  We Make Money Not Art have a short interview with him in which he discusses everything from urban lifestyles to using peasants as human shields.

Trash This City [We Make Money Not Art]