Arrestable Travel Pillow

We all like shiny toys with buttons and screens, but sometimes we just want a nice long nap. And if you're anything like me (and I've a grubby suspicion that you are), the one place you'd like to sleep but are generally unable to is on a plane. Thank goodness for this, then, the AromaSnoozer – quite possibly the world's first aromatherapy-cum-travel-pillow mashup.

A few drops of aromatherapy oil, a couple of blows and you're set – only the severely asthmatic or the olfactory-impaired should have problems. Sadly, all the market research and product development in the world can't save you and your product from the scything cruelty of current events. If you were to try to use the AromaSnoozer on planes these days, you'd probably be arrested on suspicion of releasing airborne pathogens and kept, naked and shivering, in a unmapped government facility where your only identifier is a barcode.

Yours for £9.95, should you want to be strip-searched and internally molested.

Gizoo product page [via The Red Ferret Journal]