Armoured Jag can withstand a bomb under your bum

If you're a VIP (or just have friends who play really, really serious pranks) you might be interested in Jaguar's latest high-cost, old-style plaything.  The Armoured XJ looks, ostensibly, like a standard car from the company, but under the aluminium skin there's enough Kevlar shielding, titanium reinforcement and ballistic protection to earn it B6 classification; in English, that means it can withstand a grenade blast.  Optional extras include in independent oxygen supply for the cabin, self-sealing fuel tank and "tamper-proof" exhaust so that local kids can't stuff a potato up there.  A 4.2l, V8 engine makes sure you get to the embassy on time.

As is the case with these things, price is on application.

Jaguar [via Autoblog]