ARM Cortex-M0 processor: smallest, most efficient for SoC

ARM have announced their latest processor, the ARM Cortex-M0, which the company is describing as their smallest, lowest power and most energy efficient processor to date.  The Cortex-M0 consumes as little as 85 microwatts/MHz (0.085 milliwatts) and is intended for ultra low-power MCU and SoC applications like gaming accessories, ZigBee and Z-Wave wireless devices, and smart-home products.

The Cortex-M0 offers, according to ARM, 32-bit performance in a 16-bit footprint, with integrated sleep modes.  Since it can handle both analog and digital devices simultaneously, the ARM Cortex-M0 is also being targeted at intelligent sensors and actuators; NXP Semiconductors and Triad Semiconductor have both licensed the new processor technology. 

No word on when we might be seeing the first commercial products based on the Cortex-M0, but given the nature of SoC designs it's entirely possible that devices could launch without us even realizing what's powering them.  More information here.